Mendocino on Film

I’m pretty excited to share these photos with ya! As you may know I’ve been playing around with film recently and just got some images back from the developer (for those film folks out there, this was Portra 400 and developed at  Richard Photo Lab). 

Oh ya! I went up the coast into Mendocino County. I stopped along the way to visit places like Philo Apple Farm  and Anderson Valley Brewing Company. Philo Apple Farm is so cool. It’s pretty rustic and old world feeling. They’ve got a small farm stand where I bought the best peach I had this summer. They even let you walk around the orchards and through their amazing garden. 

Overall, it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again. 

the rolling hills of Mendocino plants in terra cotta pots giant red pairs in a wooden crate freshly picked red apples in a crate Cypress trees seen through the fog golden grains of grass the coast of Mendocino lavender close up