light at dusk

As twilight’s veil doth gently fall, A hush o’er nature starts to sprawl, The sun’s warm kiss begins to wane, And shadows dance upon the lane.

The air grows crisp, the colors fade, As evening’s grace takes center stage, A symphony of hues unite, In dusky robes of fading light.

The birds their final songs do sing, As day takes flight on silent wing, Stars emerge, like diamonds rare, In heavens’ tapestry so fair.

Oh, dusk, thy tender touch doth bring, A tranquil hush on feathered wing, A moment’s pause, a sigh of ease, As day and night embrace with ease.

So let us cherish this sweet hour, When nature dons her twilight dower, In dusk’s embrace, we find our rest, As day retires to the west.

blades of grass