big sur

The ocean calls in defeated sigh,
it beckons there to sink and hide.
What once was bold and brave,
now only sees the calling grave.
The sky sees and offers it an ear,
hoping to help his friend so dear.
“I know your pain inside,
let’s talk and so confide.”
The ocean pours its deep reveal,
but finds no hope to heal.
“I cannot help but feel this misery,
great gales I brought to history.
All the boats I’ve dashed to rocks
and sunk the countless shipping docks.
“But, no!” the clouds reply.
“I’ve felt your pain and cry!
With each passing wind and storm,
a sadness, great deform.
Forced the trees to sway and bend,
Even carried homes upon the wind.
Broken panes and steep calamity,
It’s caused me pure insanity.
But then, observe the sunset stage,
and feel the cooling winds of change.
I’ve carried drops across the land,
and washed upon the arid sand.
From that harvest bounty,
crops for all, across the county.
So my ocean friend,
may this story make amend.
I hold you in great esteem,
I see your fish and all that teem.
Listen to the gulls above,
see the dolphins dance with love.
Despite the wrecks and strife,
Your waters are a place of life.”
And so the ocean felt the changing current,
perhaps it was his lesson learnt.
And with this hopeful, swelling glee
It replied, “you’re just like me.”

McWall Falls in Big Sur yucca plant in big sur a beach with dark clouds green ferns in Big Sur